The Spintop Suite

Machine Learning Meets Hardware Production Tests

Each electronic system you produce needs to be tested. We get it.
Are you:

Let's change that.

How the Spintop Suite fits in the product development cycle

Don't build your own test executor.

Really. We mean it. We've open-sourced our OpenHTF integration so that you can create a fully-featured, future-resistant testbench in a quarter of the time it would take you to spin your own.

Here are some example of features our test executor has out-of-the-box:

  • A standardized GUI

  • Standardized test outputs

  • Integration with our results backend

  • Integration with our machine learning backend

  • And plenty more

Transform useless data into actionable information

Is finding the root cause of a failure a daily occurence?

Why do your technicians and engineers need to dig up test results everytime there is a failure? By integrating your past and new test results to Spintop, get actionnable insights into each of your production tests using machine learning:

  • Perform automatic root-cause analysis of failures

  • Synthesize complex tests into a straight-to-the-point summary

Stop relying on a know-it-all individual to analyze tests. Use Spintop with the data you already have to transform it into real, actionnable information anyone can use.

Production Process

Get proactive in your production line maintenance.

Spintop machine learning models allow you to detect production line issues and fix them before they cause damage. Use insights to rapidly answer questions such as:

  • Is my production line behaving normally?

  • Is a test failure due to a tester error, a process error or is it a real failure?

  • Are there corner failure cases that the testbench can not detect?


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